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“Google Adsense” is the advertising set-up by Google which handles ads on this website using cookies, counting the user's former visits for the website or the other websites. Google's use of advertising cookies here authorizes it and its connections to provide ads to this website's users correspondingly the visit to this website or other sites on the web.

Go through Google Adsense help for further knowledge. You can use customized advertising on Google account to take in how your ads are made to order.

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Google Analytics is a tool by Google and that track and reports website traffic individually making a complete website performance calculation. For complete comprehension refer the Google Analytics support.


Statcounter is a utility which designed for tracking and report website performance. Refer through Statcounter support for further clearing up. We collect emails to respond to inquiries, send information, and requests or any other query ServiceWorker is the technology we use to take notice cache responses